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Macaw is a fast, low friction German-English / English-German dictionary. Just type in your search term - German or English - and it will come up with the best results it can find presented in a beautiful list.


The simplest game you can imagine. Cells that carry the maximum number of dots explode and stain adjacent cells. The game is over when there is only a single color left. Hours of fun for two players.


Your real live camera app. Point. Swipe. through effects and filters. Shoot continuously. Pick the most amazing image. Get beautiful images in seconds with no effort. That's Flowcam.


No fancy reading. The only ebook reading app that does not get in your way while reading. No animations, no skeuomorphic bookshelfs, no social features. Nothing that distracts you. It's just you and your book.

Atlas of true Names

The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots or original meanings of the familiar terms on today's maps of the world.